Parade of Trades

Parade of Trades

Life is complex, and it happens fast. Underlying issues and patterns are hard to see, and there is limited time for careful reflection. While the situations created by simulations are constrained, they remain real enough to elicit genuine emotions, reactions and behavior. Simulations simplify and slow things down. Simulations are fun, but keep your focus on learning. The Parade of Trades® simulates the way work moves in a “Parade” through a project. It explores the impact of unpredictable workflow on project performance; the combined effects of dependence and variation on system performance. Things go wrong in simulations just as in real life. Don’t lose the focus on learning, rather shift to exploring and understanding how the management of the simulation even with problems experienced can teach.

Each simulation includes directions, CD with printable documents and everything necessary to play. Each covers up to 7 tables of 7 people.

Member Cost: $150.00 Each
Nonmember Cost: $300.00 Each

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Parade of Trades Kit
7 Tables; 49 Participants


  • 7 Sets of 35 colored chips
  • 7 Sets of dice – each set has 10 total; 3 red, 3 blue, 3 black, 1 green
  • 49 Tally Sheets
  • 7 7-Page Scoring Sheets
  • 1 Parade of Trades Management
  • 1 Parade of Trades CD


  • 1 Legal Size Poly-Zip Envelope
  • 1 Parade of Trades Game Sticker
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