Make a Card

Make a Card

Make-a-Card is a quick simulation to demonstrate the advantages of Kanban and Pull over traditional Push and Batch. The full simulation with discussion can take less than an hour, and requires seven participants per table. The original manufacturing version of this simulation was developed by Mike Studley for ACT in England, and has been modified by HP and Lockheed, by Kevin Meyer and John Vermillion at Abbott in Salt Lake, and adapted for LCI by Will Lichtig and Greg Howell.

Each simulation includes directions, contents list for replenishing supplies and everything necessary to play. Each simulation covers up to 5 tables of 7 people.

Member Cost: 1 Set (5 simulation kits) $250.00 Each
Nonmember Cost: 1 Set (5 simulation kits) $500.00 Each

~Plus shipping where applicable


  • 1 6" Ruler
  • 1 Pre-inked Red Star Stamp
  • 1 Single Hole Punch
  • 10 Sheets of Green Circle Stickers
  • 10 Sheets of Yellow Circle Stickers
  • 20 Sheets of Red Circle Stickers
  • 20 Jumbo Paperclips
  • 200 3×5 Blank Notecards
  • 1 Set of Instructions
  • 1 Copy of the PowerPoint Document


  • 1 Plastic Sealable Bag
  • 1 Make-a-Card Bag Label
  • 12 x 6 x 6 inch box (for 5 games)
  • 1 Box Content Label
Discounted member price: 250.00
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