LCI Lean in Design Forum 2024 - Chicago, IL

Core Program (May 2)

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Learning Day (May 1)
DateTitleAvailabilityCapacityBegin TimeEnd Time
Wednesday, May 01, 2024Breakfast 2007:15AM8:00AM5/1/2024 7:15:00 AMLCIDF2024/DF24W_M1
Wednesday, May 01, 2024Getting Decisions that Stick 408:00AM12:00PM5/1/2024 8:00:00 AMLCIDF2024/DF24WLS1
Wednesday, May 01, 2024LCI Intermediate Last Planner System® for Design Practical 408:00AM12:00PM5/1/2024 8:00:00 AMLCIDF2024/DF24W_LS5
Wednesday, May 01, 2024LCI Last Planner System® in Design 408:00AM12:00PM5/1/2024 8:00:00 AMLCIDF2024/DF24W_LS4
Wednesday, May 01, 2024LCI TVD Module 1: Learning the Fundamentals 408:00AM12:00PM5/1/2024 8:00:00 AMLCIDF2024/DF24W_LS2
Wednesday, May 01, 2024LCI TVD Module 3: Organizing for Flow & Efficiency 408:00AM12:00PM5/1/2024 8:00:00 AMLCIDF2024/DF24W_LS3
Wednesday, May 01, 2024Box Lunch 20012:00PM1:00PM5/1/2024 12:00:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24W_M2
Wednesday, May 01, 2024LCI AI-Powered Scrum: Streamlined Success in Construction 401:00PM5:00PM5/1/2024 1:00:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24W_LS9
Wednesday, May 01, 2024LCI Effective Big Room 401:00PM5:00PM5/1/2024 1:00:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24W_LS6
Wednesday, May 01, 2024LCI Lean in the Design Phase 401:00PM5:00PM5/1/2024 1:00:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24W_LS10
Wednesday, May 01, 2024LCI TVD Module 2: Setting the Stage for Success 401:00PM5:00PM5/1/2024 1:00:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24W_LS7
Wednesday, May 01, 2024LCI TVD Module 4: Modeling for Predictable Outcomes 401:00PM5:00PM5/1/2024 1:00:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24W_LS8
Wednesday, May 01, 2024Reception 05:00PM6:30PM5/1/2024 5:00:00 PMLCIDF2024/DFRECEP
Thursday, May 02, 2024Breakfast 2007:45AM8:30AM5/2/2024 7:45:00 AMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_M1
Thursday, May 02, 2024Welcome 2008:30AM8:45AM5/2/2024 8:30:00 AMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_GS1
Thursday, May 02, 2024Design Thinking: Discovering Unmined Opportunities 2008:45AM9:45AM5/2/2024 8:45:00 AMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_GS2
Thursday, May 02, 2024The Ultium Lean Journey, 2023 Engineering in Design Award 2009:45AM10:15AM5/2/2024 9:45:00 AMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_GS3
Thursday, May 02, 2024Networking Break 20010:15AM10:45AM5/2/2024 10:15:00 AMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_NB1
Thursday, May 02, 2024Saving our AE Industry with Prefab and Wild Collaboration 20010:45AM11:30AM5/2/2024 10:45:00 AMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_GS4
Thursday, May 02, 2024We have a Design Manager, Now What? 20011:30AM12:15PM5/2/2024 11:30:00 AMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_GS5
Thursday, May 02, 2024Luncheon 20012:15PM1:15PM5/2/2024 12:15:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_M2
Thursday, May 02, 2024How Are Firms Educating Their Employees? 501:15PM2:00PM5/2/2024 1:15:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_RT3
Thursday, May 02, 2024New Lean Partner? Set Engineering Boundaries Early to Thrive 501:15PM2:00PM5/2/2024 1:15:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_RT4
Thursday, May 02, 2024Riding the ‘L’ Train – Delivery Process Defined 501:15PM2:00PM5/2/2024 1:15:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_RT2
Thursday, May 02, 2024Set Based Design: A Fireside Chat 501:15PM2:00PM5/2/2024 1:15:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_RT1
Thursday, May 02, 2024Networking Break 2002:00PM2:30PM5/2/2024 2:00:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_NB2
Thursday, May 02, 2024Creating a Product Out of a Program 502:30PM3:15PM5/2/2024 2:30:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_RT9
Thursday, May 02, 2024Deploying a Lean Holistic Target Value Design Approach 502:30PM3:15PM5/2/2024 2:30:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_RT6
Thursday, May 02, 2024How to Deploy Design Thinking Lean Process with New Friends: 502:30PM3:15PM5/2/2024 2:30:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_RT5
Thursday, May 02, 2024Lean Design on the Fly: Lessons Learned from a Landmark 502:30PM3:15PM5/2/2024 2:30:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_RT8
Thursday, May 02, 2024Trials and Tribulations of Organizational Adoption of CBA 502:30PM3:15PM5/2/2024 2:30:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_RT7
Thursday, May 02, 2024Emotional Intelligence – Active Storytelling in Early Design 503:30PM4:15PM5/2/2024 3:30:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_RT12
Thursday, May 02, 2024Hermosillo Way: Gaining Client’s Trust with Design Workflow 503:30PM4:15PM5/2/2024 3:30:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_RT10
Thursday, May 02, 2024Integrated Lean with Design Curriculum at US Universities 503:30PM4:15PM5/2/2024 3:30:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_RT11
Thursday, May 02, 2024Modular and Prefab rules and Rails for Building Construction 503:30PM4:15PM5/2/2024 3:30:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_RT14
Thursday, May 02, 2024Texas Children’s Hospital North Austin: Lean Design Success 503:30PM4:15PM5/2/2024 3:30:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_RT13
Thursday, May 02, 2024Reflection, Plus/Delta, Adjourn 2004:15PM5:00PM5/2/2024 4:15:00 PMLCIDF2024/DF24TH_GS6