Introduction to the Last Planner System®

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Unpredictable workflows correlate with an increase in construction costs and schedules. The Last Planner System® (LPS®) was developed to improve predictability while maximizing efficiency and safety.  In the Introduction to The Last Planner System® webinar, you will discover the five connected planning conversations of LPS and how they improve communication, trust, transparency and reliability.  This webinar, which includes real-life examples of LPS implementation will be a first step in mastering the System.

Learning Objectives:
1.Recognize the need for predictability on projects and how LPS creates more predictable outcomes.
2.Gain an overview understanding of each of the five connected planning conversations of LPS and how they interrelate.
3.Discover the basic mechanics of LPS including the foundational base of reliable commitments.
4.Understand the need for continuous learning and for measuring reliability to improve predictability.

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9/6/2024 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Eastern Daylight Time
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Christian Pikel

Managing Principal
The ReAlignment Group