First-Hand Perspective on Certification From LCI-CPCs

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Join LCI-CPC certified practitioners for a first-hand view of their certification experience. Panelists will share their personal certification journeys and how the LCI-CPC has helped them tap into new opportunities for themselves and their companies. The panel will also share their personal tips and insights for earning this prestigious designation. 

Learning Objectives:

1.Understand the role of LCI-CPC certification in Lean construction;
2.Discuss why the LCI-CPC is important for owners;
3.Learn about the benefits of LCI-CPC for practitioners;
4.Gain tips for earning the LCI-CPC.

Everyone in Lean construction should attend this webinar. Owners can attend the webinar to know how LCI-CPC certification helps them reduce waste in hiring and training time. And practitioners can attend the webinar to learn more about how the certification is a step towards better opportunities in Lean construction.


Registration for this webinar will close 30 minutes before the webinar starts and you will receive an email with the webinar registration link immediately after registering. If you register the day of, you will receive your confirmation directly before the start of the webinar.

Please use the registration link email to add this webinar to your calendar. If you are not able to attend the webinar due to time zone or scheduling misunderstandings, no refunds are given - there are no exceptions!

**This webinar will be recorded and a link will be sent to all paid registrants**

12/1/2023 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Eastern Standard Time
Registration is closed.


Raymond Lota

Director of Construction Management
Kaiser Permanente

Jeremy Atkinson

Process Improvement and Project Manager
Landis Construction

Emily Lowe

Enterprise Lean Champion
Butz Family of Companies

Leandris Weeden, LCI-CPC

Layton Construction Company LLC